Let me tell you a story of how I will anger death.

For on the day that death comes for me he will not find me.

He will come to a room that may hold my physical form and I shall smile and say to him,

“The person that you seek is not here.

For I am the sunshine and the moonlight.

I am the twinkle in my children’s eye.

I am lovers embracing.

I am the breeze that blows through flowing hair in the summertime.

I am salty tears rolling down sobbing cheeks.

I am the flowing river and raging sea.

I am the shining stars and the cosmos itself.

But this person that you’re looking for is not here.

So go on your merry way death. Search for another that has seemingly forgotten who they truly are.

Because the person that you seek has already gone beyond.


In this book you'll fnd some of my favourite Zen stories. 

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