On Love

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”
Eric Fromm

Loving begins with loving yourself.

If you can’t love yourself you can never truly love to your greatest glory.

You will never understand the amazing power that sleeps within you.

Please begin to open yourself up to the unimaginable power and drive upon which this world has been created.


Knowledge, wisdom & understanding stand aside to the power of love. Love is the strongest of all. Love is the wisest. Love pierces and touches every heart.

It’s in love that we seek to connect to each other. It’s in love that all barriers dissolve. It’s in love that we truly begin to know ourselves.

So above all else love and become wise to its wisdom. It’s truly the only power that will transform the world.

Love has many faces, many colors, many experiences.

Love is awareness, understanding, patience, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and certainty.

Love is all things good.

Love is the master key which opens the gates to your bliss.

Love reaches its hands outwards and seeks to make contact with all things, and with all people.

Where there’s love, there’s life. If you fear love you fear life. Be strong in love. Gain strength from it. Find your life in it. Don’t fear the power that will come through loving. You weren’t created for fear. Fear is for the weak. Love is the true strength. The true power. The true sign of courage.

Love leads us into the unknown and forces us bravely toward the best of ourselves.

Love is a sacred flame that transforms all those that touch it.

So be brave. Be love.

Permission To Love

Love is a power that transforms. A treasure that must be shared. A river overflowing.

Allow yourself to finally see and know the priceless value of your life. Realize the amazing jewel that you are. You are sacred and precious. You are important. You are special. Your need for love and to share that love is intrinsic within you. Acknowledge that love and help to affirm it in others.

Be present to the love that is your life and start to cherish the wonderful child of love that is yourself. You are made to feel love and to be loved.

As you give yourself permission to feel the deep and rooted love that lives inside of you, you’ll then begin to comprehend eternities love for you. You will become aware of the tremendous wave of love that flows through all existence. Once that love is revealed to you, you’ll begin to share it with others.

Love just as a concept is just a thing, just a word. But love as a whole encompassing feeling and belief that issues forth from the depths of your heart is pure and magical. It’s the force of life. It’s life itself. It’s the only true power that will lead us on to our own greatness. Changing us into our sacred and divine selves.

The fires of love seek to purify. Sanctifying you and making you aware of the holy essence of your life.

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.”

Love is a creative energy and needs to be expressed. It’s deepest desire is to be given life through you. To be given freely from you. And to be shared by you with all the people that you encounter.

It’s the unlimited power of love that has brought about the most wonderful thing on this planet. You.

See your beauty. Accept it. Be proud of it. Believe in it. Please stop holding it back from yourself and the world. It’s so desperately needed.

Once you’ve come to know the immense power of eternities love, which is your love, all that is asked of you is to share that love with the world. Then, from that immense power, the shock-waves of that love can then flow through you, become you, and then be released into a greater and more powerful force.

Begin to love. Start now, in this instance, in this moment. Love. Love unconditionally. Love everything and everyone. Love for the sake of love itself. Surrender yourself to the transmutable gift that love is trying to complete in you, for you, and through you.

As the flower can bring about the release of the love within a single heart, so to can your own love bring forth the release of all hearts.

Let your love bloom, mesh, and mingle within the garden of all. For love is the highest law.

Exercise – Simple Love Affirmation

A simple but extremely profound affirmation that you can use all throughout your day is; “I Love Myself.”

Don’t underestimate the power of this little sentence.

This affirmation is especially good to use if your trying to change a nasty little habit like smoking.

The I Love You Meditation Technique

This meditation is great.

I love doing it while walking down the street, during rush hour traffic, or while working with others.

This technique can be done anytime and anywhere.

For best results do it all day long and especially during those times where all the world seems stressed out and on the brink of chaos.

Whenever you see someone, walk by someone, sit beside someone, talk to someone, think of someone, hear someone speaking hold the thought within your mind, “I Love You.”

That’s not all…try to really FEEL that love for them.

That’s the true secret to this method.

You have to generate the Love Presence.

You begin to embody that love and you share it. Don’t be cheap about it. Begin to feel deeply within your being the love that seeks to express itself and connect with all the world.

Keep Being Buddhaful!



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