Hardwiring HappinessThis book review is long overdue.

I originally received an advance copy of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence many moons ago.

I felt like a kid at Christmas. I love Rick Hanson’s work. Ever since he released Buddha’s Brain I’ve been a fanboy.

So as I peeled open the box containing Rick’s new book I started to read it right there while standing in the kitchen.

Hardwiring Happiness is based around the idea that it’s possible to edge the needle forward when it comes to our happiness. And that our brains can be trained to fight and beat our built in “negativity bias” which helped our ancestors not be eaten by sabre-tooth tigers but may be wreaking havoc on our lives in the present day.

Rick says that, “This built-in negativity bias makes us extra stressed, worried, irritated, and blue. Plus it creates a kind of bottleneck in the brain that makes it hard to gain any lasting value from our experiences, which is disheartening and the central weakness in personal development, mindfulness training, and psychotherapy.

The book’s most effective tool for transforming our brain and flipping the switch on happiness comes down to a technique called “Taking in the Good” which is super-simple and profoundly effective.

You transform fleeting experiences in your life into the fuel needed to to supercharge and re-wire your brain (based on the idea of experience-dependent neuroplasticity).

He walks the reader through his HEAL formula for happiness:

Have a positive experience;
Enrich it;
Absorb it; and if you like,
Link it to negative thoughts and feelings to soothe and eventually replace them.

In Hardwiring Happiness, Rick Hanson gives us an insiders view into the fascinating science behind positive psychology and how our brains work.

He’s sort of like a brain hacker.

Do yourself the favor and pick up this book now. → Click here to read the 1st chapter now.

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In this book you'll fnd some of my favourite Zen stories. 

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