Deepak Chopra on Mindfulness and Multitasking and more

I love listening to Deepak Chopra’s voice. So peaceful and relaxing.

He recently sat down with John Biggs from TechCrunch to talk about Mindfulness, Multitasking and more. Below you’ll find the highlights of that interview transcribed and the video – for some reason I couldn’t embed the vid here on the site 🙁 Ah technology…

Transcript Highlights

John Biggs, “What we want to talk about today – we want to talk a little bit about the future and what it means to be, I guess human right now? We’re dealing with sorts of outside stresses, outside distractions and if you wanted to talk first a little bit about Mindfulness in that respect when we’re faced with iPhones, when we’re faced with social media, when we’re faced with news that’s essentially overwhelming us. And how we can better understand that as humans and I guess for the Techcrunch audience as entrepreneurs.”

Deepak Chopra,

“Multi-tasking gets worse with practice. If you are in the habit of multitasking, the more you do it the worse you’ll get – that’s #1.

Secondly, it damages your neural networks.

So, of course, in wisdom traditions, being spiritual is defined as presence and presence means to be in the moment and to be fully present.

And if you’re not fully present you’re not there. That means that the most important thing you’re doing is what you’re doing right now.

The most important person in your life is the one in front of you.

And the most important moment also is right now.

Dr. Daniel Siegel amognst other neuro-psychologists he says, “Cut your day into like a pizza into several slices. You have sleep time. You have relationship time. You have playtime. Creative downtime. You have focused work time. And build into that technology time. And when you do it – do it with focused attention.”

‘Cause if I’m checking my messages or my twitter and speaking to you at the same I’m doing neither.”

John Biggs, “So what should someone who’s sort of on the stem of route, science, technology, that sort of education education look into as they move forward in higher education and training later on to become more mindful?”

Deepak Chopra, “Like anything else you need to practice to create a mindful briain. If I want to be an athlete I practice. If I want to be an acrobat I practice. If I want to be a pianist I practice.”


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