A Prayer for Abundance

A Prayer for Abundance

There is One Source. One Infinite Supply. One Lavish Presence. A Place Of Pure Abundance. Rich & Ever Present. Always Offering. Forever Giving Of Itself. For It Is Limitless Without End. The Purest Potential of Prosperity. Life Giving Life. Forever Creating Creation.

In this moment I know that I Am One with this Source. That this pure and infinite potential is individualized as my own life. My awareness has been quickened and my mind is ablaze with the light of life and I now can see that the Divine Presence, The I AM, is the very substance of my being. That the abundant supply of life that flows through me now and always has it’s source of supply from the true place of all prosperity.

I am now filled with the realization of Spirit and the Abundant nature of all existence. I know now that since I am spirit made flesh my true nature is abundant. With this knowledge I steer my thoughts toward prosperity and know that in doing so Prosperity is drawn to me. By recognizing the abundant nature of the source of myself, abundance flows to me, for like attracts like.

Now in this moment of truth I rest at ease knowing well that I am cared for and I trust that the universal supply of existence shall meet all my needs, fulfill any of my dreams, and bring to me the people, thoughts and resources that I need to unlock the abundant nature of my being.

Recognizing truth I give thanks for my life. I give thanks for all my blessings. I give thanks for my family, my friends, and all of existence.

My words, charged with the power of Spirit, ring true throughout all of time, and I release them to the universal law of life. I know the truth that as I have said it so shall it be.

And so it is.


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Want to read a couple samples before you buy the Healing Prayers Booklet?

I hear you. So this week I’ll be releasing 5 prayers from the book:

A Prayer for Abundance (Monday)
A Prayer for Healing (Tuesday)
A Prayer for Inner Peace (Wednesday)
A Prayer for Courage (Thursday)
A Prayer to Create the Life You Want (Friday)


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